PROJECT 26: 1/26

It quite possibly goes without saying that I’ve never done a photo project like this before. When I was thinking about how best to accomplish documenting a day in the life, I decided to break my day up into hours and to try and capture a few shots within each block of time. This seemed to work pretty well throughout most of the day, but I found that the night time hours kind of ran into one another. I was up for longer than the photos perhaps reflect, though I was essentially doing the same activity – shooting video tutorials and uploading them to my channel. And knitting.

Overall, I’m pleased with the images I ended up with. It took me a few days to figure out how to get them from my phone to my computer, and then a few more days still to work my way through them, editing when necessary, before bringing them into this space.

There are a lot of images, and while I thought about letting them speak for themselves, I chose to offer a bit of context to each.

6-7 AM

Morning view out my window. Not pictured, the chirping birds that wake me each day.
Checking in on my vegetable sprouts, and my other favorite morning view.
First shot of the day.

7-8 AM

My slumbering sons.
Bedroom latte.
Joined by my girl and some moody morning light.

8-9 AM

Party of three!
Working from the kitchen table, about to type this post.

9-10 AM

The daily fluffing of the nests, this one is Jade’s. She made that quilt!

10-11 AM

Only one day left on her birthday chain!
Mid-morning snack, with a side of seventh grade geometry.
Little lefty.

11-12 PM

Class is in session.
Elastic repair.
Today’s constant companion.
Secret snack break.
Always a treat to have fresh peonies in the house.
Brand new tube of my all-time favorite facial cleanser.
Someone enjoyed our recent family movie night.

1-2 PM

Jesse and I surprised tomorrow’s birthday girl with a special lunch date.

2-3 PM

Dessert, too!

3-4 PM

Frozen raspberries and a peek at my desk.
Email and edits.

4-5 PM

Snack break brothers.
Afternoon stroll.
I have a deep love for handpainted signs.

5-6 PM

A few party essentials from one of our local markets.

6-7 PM

Dinner prep.

7-8 PM

Checking on my seeds, hoping they sprout. (Spoiler alert: they do!)

8-9 PM

Bath time.
The last shot of my thirteen year old girl.

9-10 PM

Back in the studio (my assistant is up way past his bedtime).
My #100squaresforemet collection has really grown.


These images document Wednesday, 5/26/20. All photos were taken with my iPhone 8 Plus. Any processing was done through the editing tool directly in Microsoft Photo.

These images may not be used for any purposes without my express written consent. All rights reserved.

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