Altogether, this has worked out to be a rather balanced first week of summer vacation. I started and finished a novel, got to work on two new quilt projects (one of which is my very first commission, more on this later), watched a few movies, lounged around in bed, caught up on my housework, and tended to my garden.

More than once, I fell asleep before getting in front of my keyboard. I’m not mad about it.

I am, however, getting quite excited to jump into a couple of things I’ve been saving for when school let out. To keep myself motivated through the report writing process – subject teaching, am I right?! – I’m not allowed to get started on any of them until my first drafts have been submitted for editing.

Truth is, I don’t have much to mention at the moment. My words are flowing in another direction, and I’m entirely preoccupied with thoughts that are either not at all meant for this space, or that are indeed for this space, but not just yet.

A brand new moon perfectly synced with the summer solstice sounds like the best possible way to start this next season.

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