I started reading a new book yesterday. It’s been a longstanding tradition of mine to herald the arrival of summer break by diving into a new work of fiction. Ordinarily, I carefully choose the title, either by selecting the most recent prize-winning novel or a classic I haven’t yet explored.

This year? I mindlessly grabbed a paperback from the random stacks at the Costco during my last visit because the cover had the loveliest shade of cobalt blue and the word BEE in the title.

It’s not a riveting or earth shattering work by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve slipped somewhat easily into the southern family drama. Anyway, I’m grateful to have something to distract me from thinking about, you know, stuff.

The funny thing is that I didn’t think there would be much of a transition into our new rhythm once distance learning concluded. Well, joke’s on me! Turns out this version of “summer vacation” is oddly similar to the first two weeks of quarantine before distance learning began. There is not much to do except be home, together. Without the lessons that gave each of them something meaningful to do on a daily basis, the responsibility falls upon me to keep them inspired and entertained. And fed.

It’s a good thing I spent all those summers working as a camp counselor, is what I’m saying.

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