I’ve adopted no less than three houseplants in as many days, a new personal best.  I walk around the apartment, marveling at all we have managed to accomplish in what certainly must be record breaking time, bursting with gratitude for just how great it actually all turned out to be.

Every last silly idea I had (Paint a chalkboard in the hallway? Sure!  Hang bistro lights in the kids’ room? Why not!) has been executed with the utmost willing support from my sweet Mister Baker, who was so patient with me as I fussed about which painting should go where and never ever complained when he probably wanted to.  Hammering this, building that, carrying all the things that are far too heavy for me to manage, he’s really been my hero lately and it gives me the very best kind of butterflies.

I will always remember this time as precious.  And I’m not even talking about quarantine.  This time of settling, of coming together and making something spectacular for our family to enjoy, has been an outstanding experience.  I’m almost sad it’s coming to a close, though it makes me insanely excited to do it again – only next time, it will hopefully be in a house of our own.  For now, I take great pride in knowing we have absolutely managed to make the most out of this tiny apartment palace of ours and I simply could not be more delighted with the man who helped me do it.

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