I did not sleep well at all, and have been in a bit of a funk all day, though I did not for one second allow this to prevent me from speeding through each of the things on today’s to-do list.

At long last the shipping notification for my IKEA order landed in my inbox, and as it turns out, my workstation will be the very last element to finishing off the first part of our tiny apartment palace renovation.  The energy inside our living space has been entirely transformed, and I’ve suddenly become the person that vacuums twice a day because seeing the floors shine back at me is my current favorite thing.  And yes, the rug is even better the second day.

I’d be fooling to think it a coincidence that I finished up a huge, cathartic project right before receiving some unexpected news that suddenly has me carefully contemplating what’s next. 

Currently, I have many more questions than answers.  But what I do know for certain is that my home life has never been better.  Absolutely everything else is secondary anyway, so really, I’m already ahead of the game.



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