Ten years ago today, I drove with my brand new boss to LAX where we picked up one Babe Elliott Baker from the baggage claim.  He was understandably hungry after a cross country flight, so I suggested a semi-secret local Mexican spot which was on our way back from the airport.  Other than our brief encounter the day I was hired, this was the first real impression I was making.  Looking back, it’s no wonder he fell in love with me – nothing makes him happier than good Mexican food.

Five years ago today, our baby took his first steps.  That kid has not stopped moving ever since.

Today, we celebrate the first day of the next chapter.  Late last night, when I realized we’d wake up to our unprecedentedly tidy home ten years to the day after we had our first real conversation, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate way honor the occasion.

Likewise, Mother’s Day!  This morning, we’re going to set the timer for one hour and participate in our first ever Synchronized Sunday Cleaning.  Usually, everyone does their chores whenever they decide to get around to it on Sunday.  But today, we’re trying something new.  Everything is so organized already, this hour will be for scrubbing and polishing, meaning there might be a commemorative photo shoot featuring our humble yet truly magnificent apartment palace happening later this afternoon.

I am so happy, I could burst!  There isn’t anything I love more in this little life of mine than motherhood, and I can’t help but feel like the best years are just getting started.

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