I’ll tell you right now I have no idea where this is going.  Clearly, we are off to a great start.

I received some unfortunate news this afternoon, and then ran nearly three full minutes faster than I have since lacing up my shoes again.  Balance!

Now that the clothes are up on the new rack, and the files are one last step from being stored away properly once and for all, the garage is merely awaiting the hanging of the bikes before it is completely and utterly done done done.  I sometimes walk down there just to check.  Yep, still meticulously organized.  

The rug for the kids’ room arrived and it is so much better than I’d hoped, anchoring the space quite nicely.  We’ve gotten to the tail end of this part of our tiny apartment renovation, and these are the fun details: the art we can hang without needing assistance, the hemming of the curtains for the closets, the waiting for the rest of the furniture to get here.  We absolutely obliterated that list I threw together off the top of my head, and I still can’t believe it.

Side note: Never in a million years did I think my entire apartment and garage would be organized prior to the arrival of my workstation.  It’s surreal.

Walking through our home feels like a dream.  It’s just so nice in here.  I don’t know the exact square footage, but I know that it’s tiny.  I also know that we once lived in a home that had over 3,000 square feet of indoor living space and yet, this tiny apartment palace not only feels bigger, it feels brighter (it is brighter!) and it feels like home in a way that place never did.

And oh, how I loved that place.

But this place?  This place.

I’m not letting any unfortunate news get in the way of our plan to stay here for a nice long while.  So.

In closing, I’ll leave you with the fact that it’s past 10 PM and I’m being treating to the neighbors scream-singing along to Whitney Houston for the second time this week and I just can’t be mad about it.  I have nothing (nothing! nothing!) if I don’t have you.

Thank you, and goodnight!

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